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Tur.Grate 2


Presentazioni dei territori di progetto con proposte di offerte territoriali finalizzate all'incoming turistico.
Proiezioni di demo sulle tecnologie innovative e pervasive per valorizzare e promuovere il patrimonio culturale e naturale presso il Centro di Realtà Virtuale del Consorzio CETMA, uno dei pochi presenti in Europa; B2B tra tour operator pugliesi ed Enti esteri partner di progetto finalizzati all'attivazione di accordi commerciali.




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Welcome on Board

General objective of TurGrate 2 project is to increase international competitiveness of targeted tourist destinations, through the sharing of a new integrated system for the sustainable management of tourist product. This system will be based on the improvement of the quality of market-oriented tourist packages, and particularly, on the emphasizing, protection and development of natural, rural and cultural resources.
The project aims at the building of a different kind of tourism, based on the enhancement of the distinctive values and cultural identities of the involved territories; in this way, it will be possible to attract different typologies of  visitors, to guarantee a more pleasant and satisfactory stay giving back value to the natural environment and providing quality services.


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TurGrate 2 - “InteGRATEd actions to promote sustainable ToURist development
The TUR.GRATE2 project is co-funded by the European Union, Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA)
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