After the successof the international cultural event, named “ARTISTINSTRADA” – “Dialogue with arts and cultures of the Mediterranean”, that took place the last 30th of July 2013, in the attractive scenery of the historical centre of Latiano Municipality (from the h. 21.00), it is going forward the review of crossborder cultural events for the 2013 (in Italy, Greece, Albania and Montenegro), as programmed under the Action 9.3 of the project TUR.GRATE2.

The event of Latiano Municipality has scheduled the exhibition of international artistsoftheater, music, dance andcabaretshow.

All the events programmed under the Action 9.3, have the aim to promote the exchange between different cultures to raise awareness on the different historical origins and traditions, through the wide participation of local and international artists, musicians, intellectuals and to stimulate artistic and cultural growth that would bring - by music, literature and art in general - the public (the local community and visitors), to other ways of thinking and doing culture.

The other partners are organizing the implementation of the next events under this Action, as follow:

-          the Municipality of Nardò is organizing a cross-border musical event that will be hosted by the Sea and the Nature in the suggestive bay of the Natural Park of Porto Selvaggio.

It is planned for the next night of full moon on the 21th of August 2013. It will be a music path, with: one piano, three musicians, a harp, a cello, a contrabass, a guitar, a flute. It will include also stories reading on the sea, that will take place within the natural Park of Parco Selvaggio. The Sea, is considered as, a landing place and the point of arrival of new cultures and new worlds, and this is the central idea of the event. You can find the brochure of this event in the attached file in Italian language; in the next days I will send you the English version of it.

-          the Chamber of Thesprotia is organizing a cross-border musical event with poems set to music, that will take place at the Archaeological Museum of Igoumenitsa, in the evening of the 21st of August 2013. Thesprotia will be represented by the band “Maiden Quartet”, which will consist of a soprano with the accompaniment of violin and klarinova, playing music of Manos Hadjidakis and other Greek composerssung poems;

-          Mesagne Municipality and Durres Municipality are organizing two cultural literary events, which will include the participation of writers, poets and literary - local and foreign - in the picturesque setting of their historical centers, for the presentation of books and literary works in prose and poetry . They are scheduled for the next September 2013.

Within the same Action 9.3, in addition to the cultural event implemented by Latiano Municipality, the following two cross-border cultural events, were already implemented on the 2011 and 2012, id est:

-          the International Music Event "Sofra Tiranese", organized by the Municipality n.8 of Tirana, at the Palace of Congresses in Tirana, which saw the participation of the City of Mesagne, with the Mayor, the Councillor and a local music band. On that occasion, the Mayor of the City of Mesagne, Franco Scoditti, received the international prize "Fisnikeria Tiranese 2011," for the special contribution given to the development of the city of Tirana through the project TUR.GRATE2;

-          the International Music event organized by the Local Tourism Organization of Bar, in Bar, which saw the participation of several musicians also from Latiano Municipality (the music band "J-Brass").

TurGrate 2 - “InteGRATEd actions to promote sustainable ToURist development
The TUR.GRATE2 project is co-funded by the European Union, Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA)
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